Look who’s a Brooklyn tour guide!

Vayable is a great way to discover new places and find unique experiences.  They operate all over the world and connect people with guides that have expert knowledge of a particular area or activity.

I recently became one of their guides and offer two Brooklyn neighborhood tours:  Williamsburg and Park Slope/Carroll Gardens


Brooklyn is more spread-out than Manhattan, and is more off-the-radar.  This can cause a visitor to feel intimated by the borough.  These tours are a great way to discover some of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City, and are a wonderful way to orient oneself for further exploration.

These tours are NOT just for visitors!  Locals too can learn more about own their neighborhoods and what makes them truly unique.

If Brooklyn were separate from the 5 boroughs, it would be the 4th largest city in the U.S..  Cast off the glitz of Manhattan and check it out!


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http://www.createdbymattlogan.com/ MUSIC Classically trained cellist. Attended Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University - degree in Music Composition, and three years of recording arts and audio electrical engineering. Multiple works for chamber groups and orchestra have been produced and performed. Singer-songwriter with rock and folk roots.. Electronica. Today, it's about mashing together all these things into improbable hybrids. Also, a longtime educator of music. PHOTOGRAPHY Unpredictable and in the moment is what I love. Streets, architecture, and people. Ruined places. History. Frozen moments. Great love for imagines wrought by beautiful mystery of film and vintage cheapy cameras. WRITING The vague, ephemeral. The historical - the ghosts behind the veil of time. Delving deeply into the intricacies of our physical and cultural world. Relaying memory and longing. And sometimes the absurd. Life runs deep. Life

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