Occupy! – Day 48

I first went to Occupy Wall Street on its Day 9.  Inspired, I covered it.   It was just a smattering of people then, barely even acknowledged by most New Yorkers.  Over the past 6 weeks, however, it has bloomed further than many would have  ever expected.  There are now more than 1,000 occupations in more than 85 countries.  What began in a lonely square in Lower Manhattan has spread far and wide-   Though the movement is still in its infancy, its fervent global participation is unprecedented.  Fantastically so.

Zuccotti Park, increasingly known as Liberty Square, has become the modest epicentre of an aspiring global revolution.  There’s nothing there now that is actually much different from 40 days ago.  Volunteers supply the food, the general assembly convenes, much is discussed, the library thrives, sanitation is well maintained.  The cold New York winter is ahead, and tents have gone up and supplies are being gathered in preparation.  The community has become more organized.  The worldwide community is becoming more connected.

These scenes are a slice of November 2, 2011 at OWS:

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