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Startling Tales of the Ocean-Sea: 2nd in a Series

No. 2 – In which I receive a Revelation to let fall my Pistol and engage in Music to conjure the Maidens of the Ocean-Sea.


me in front of the camera for once…


photo by Ron Gejon Photography

US OPEN – Queens Squirrels Rule!

Flushing Meadows – Corona Park:  Home of the 1964 World’s Fair, the iconic Unisphere, the NY Mets, the Billie Jean King Tennis Center…  and a small nation’s worth of squirrels.  Of all the wild creatures that make their home amongst human city-dwellers, they are surely the most endearing.  Especially in late summer, when the badass squirrels of Queens come down from their trees and take on the U.S. Open.

For the 2nd year in a row, one of our woodland neighbors eluded security and made it onto the court of Arthur Ashe Stadium, in front of countless global viewers.


And this, in 2012:


It’s always a joy when a tiny animal can interrupt international sport; long live the squirrels of NY!

15 million-year-old scallop – Calvert Cliffs, MD

The Calvert Cliffs, along the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland, can be seen on John Smith’s 1612 map, a mere spit ago in the expanse of the eons.  The story here starts far deeper in the past, 15 million years back,  in the Miocene epoch.  At this time, North and South America were one, and a shallow sea covered this region………………

By chance, the eroded earth here is slowly exposing millions of the creatures that once inhabited this sea.  The eons-old ocean floor is now part of a state park and is accessed by a two-mile hike through forest and marsh.   The cliffs are encrusted with fossils.  They are familiar shapes – scallops, shark’s teeth, crab shells, coral…    They are so mundane that it’s difficult to accept that they are so old.  On my visit, I was initially disappointed by this familiarity-  these are everywhere.  we eat these.   I was hoping for bizarro prehistoric monsters.

You are allowed to take fossils from the beach.  I took an over-sized scallop shell with some barnacles on it.  It now sits in my room.    It looks like nothing.

I dropped it once while moving.  I imagined it shattering and thought:  this thing has passed 15 million years unscathed, and my careless ass just wrecked it in a single motion.    In the end it IS just a seashell.  But millions of years are hard to deny.

bike messengers are on crack.

These guys are  surely kicking it up a notch for the camera, but still…   It takes a special sort of person to work in this profession.

Contrails over the West Side- as seen in Gothamist

Gothamist picked up my pic the other day-

Midtown Liquor Dusk

as seen in Gothamist

Aquatic Guinea Pigs

So, um, yeah….

Aquatic Pigs

Aquatic Pigs

This has been floating around the internets- is where I found it.  Click the picture to go there.  The comments are priceless.

Happy Sunday!