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21 years out of a million

shutter to be here
vaporous earth bump
air upon air upon water upon air
nature or self keeping from standing
the maelstrom arrayed to topple within
saying hello now
as close as can get
no more up to clamor to be found.
cause and effect dissolve into nearness
and maybe it’s true
i always knew you.
21 years of having to wait.

-atop the tower atop pico el yunque, puerto rico, feb. 17, 2008



Cotton Candy – July, 2012

Cotton Candy

It was that sort of summer-
-wind that comes in
like a breath of cotton candy

From creaking boardwalks
and sand it comes,
filtered by the brilliance
of long long days, and even longer nights.

The Life Prismatic and Venus meets the Sun – 2 recent poems

The life prismatic

Getting nowhere
Writing in the sand again
Another dose
Another try—>

Giving a go at new life
Something no longer awash in useless longing

We were not Mended
We were Unfixable
Siphoning health
from other people’s lies.

Venus meets the Sun

Love makes her stand,
Amorous with the light

casting small silhouettes at the sun

Ashen in the blaze

The wandering starlette
gone by the morning
Trapping science
in her shadowy arc.

Disdaining the soil,
She prefers the 3-minute love song,
and Dancing ’round the pyre
lit by generations

We meet in new lifetimes
Those gone, and those never gone before
Rolling in reverse
Contrary to all.

Watering those who take up her charm

I take to the sea in honor.

(on occasion of the Transit of Venus-  June 5, 2012)