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Runes of Ft. Tilden

Ft. Tilden runes

Ft. Tilden runes


The ruins of Ft. Tilden, near the western end of the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, are covered in tons of graffiti of varying quality.  Some of the more intriguing pieces are runes- some covering the entire interiors of decaying barracks and warehouses.

On closer inspection, the characters at the beginning of this picture merely follow the rune “alphabet”.  The meaning of what’s written on the rest of the wall, however, is a mystery.


In trying to find out more, I came upon some rather surprising findings.


Not too much info about this graffiti is out there, but a search turned up these two articles which connect graffiti runes in New York City to neo-Nazi sentiment and Guido von List , whose ideology influenced occult Nazism in the ’30’s and ’40’s:

Both articles date from 2009- it appears that the exact origin of these is still unknown. I couldn’t find a whole lot on neo-Nazism in NYC, but it surely exists.


Of course, this sort of usage is only a very tiny facet of people’s interest in runes- Without knowing what this particular example is saying, who knows?