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Old Signs of Havemeyer Street – Brooklyn

These vintage signs were spotted on a recent walk along Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  As far as I know all these businesses are still operating.

Incidentally, Havemeyer was the name of a 19th family that dealt in manufactured sugar products, a Williamsburg tradition largely forgotten, except for the massive Domino plant along the river.


Natan Borlam - Childrens and Ladies Wear



Jack's Cancellation Shoes



Julie's Travel and Insurance




Look who’s a Brooklyn tour guide!

Vayable is a great way to discover new places and find unique experiences.  They operate all over the world and connect people with guides that have expert knowledge of a particular area or activity.

I recently became one of their guides and offer two Brooklyn neighborhood tours:  Williamsburg and Park Slope/Carroll Gardens


Brooklyn is more spread-out than Manhattan, and is more off-the-radar.  This can cause a visitor to feel intimated by the borough.  These tours are a great way to discover some of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City, and are a wonderful way to orient oneself for further exploration.

These tours are NOT just for visitors!  Locals too can learn more about own their neighborhoods and what makes them truly unique.

If Brooklyn were separate from the 5 boroughs, it would be the 4th largest city in the U.S..  Cast off the glitz of Manhattan and check it out!

Balancing Quarters

There’s a story to this –

A friend of mine owned a great place called Stain Bar on Grand Street in Williamsburg.  I drank there, had amazing conversations there, saw the night come to morning there, sang and played guitar there, had many shows there, barbecued there – saw summer and winter pass there.  beneath the steeple of the nearby church.

One day in March, 2005, I met a singer/banjoplayer/accordionist with whom I collaborated and played – warehouse parties in the industrial backwaters of Brooklyn, etc.  The experience re-awakened my passion for playing cello.

I played an outdoor show in the backyard, and my sister came.  The next day I drove a good friend to an early JFK flight to PDX.  –  before the last day at a job.

I met my wife there.  At an open mic night in an oppressive July.

This sculpture was in the backyard of Stain Bar.  When they shut down I never knew what happened to it.  I was pretty much sure I’d never see this again.  But this past Saturday, I went into the backyard of a Mexican place in Greenpoint and there it was before me!

By chance, I bump into people I know about every six weeks, either on the street or the subway.  But never before have I run into a sculpture at random.

I don’t know the name of the artist responsible.  If you know, please let me know.