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Sunshine and Shadow – January 2013




– near the Gowanus Canal, near where the dolphin got trapped and died the other day –


“end stop and frisk; hands off the kids!”


Standing on what used to be the boardwalk of a much wider beach. The debris has been removed, and all that is left are the concrete supports.

They’ve caught sand in the wind and formed a sort of dune;

within it are scraps of tile and vases, smashed in the storm.
The neighborhood today was silent, frozen, locked-down.
Buildings still burned out, power still out in places – sand everywhere.
There’s still a long road ahead.


More picture love from Gothamist

This past week, NYC news-blog Gothamist picked up one of my pics:

Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


A couple other of my Gothamist “appearances”:

Contrails over the West Side- as seen in Gothamist

Gothamist picked up my pic the other day-

Midtown Liquor Dusk

as seen in Gothamist